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Sat 2nd July 2022

Play page 4 of Fiddle Time Joggers to warm up, but mainly work on page 5.

Before playing no.4, check in on your bow hold bunny and see if you can teach it to Ania.

Practise seesawing your bow from the E string (right elbow by your side) to the G string (elbow up in the air). Why not write some ta and te-te rhythms to play on each string as you land on them?

Sat 28th May 2022

Under Arrest

  • Practice this with the backing track – watch out for the D string on line 2!
  • Practice saying the word “crotchet”.

Jim Along Josie

  • Once you can play this without pausing between the note changes, try it with the backing track. Remember you don’t need the G string at all in this piece.
  • Practice saying the word “pizzicato”.

Know your bow

  • When you take it out, righty tighty the screw. To know when to stop, run your little finger along the stick and you should just get a little tickle from the hair in the very middle.
  • Holding the bow:
    • Find a small cuddly toy to squeeze gently in your right fist. Notice your curved fingers and thumb.
    • Hold the bow stick in your left hand, with the frog to your right.
    • Make the rabbit finger puppet with your right hand – careful the chin (thumb) stays curved so we don’t get a wolf!
    • Open the rabbit’s mouth and put the tip of your thumb on the wood between the two black bits.
    • Curve the teeth over.
    • Put your little finger on tip-toe.
    • Curve your 1st finger slightly over the bow.
    • Check your thumb hasn’t turned into a wolf!
    • Off you go!

Down Up

  • Practice some chicken wings before you start – keep your shoulder relaxed as you move your elbow out from your side.
  • Place your bow on the E string in the middle of the C-shaped cut-out.
  • As you change to the lower string, raise your elbow (keeping your shoulder relaxed).
  • If you get on with this really well, try it with the CD.

To finish your practice, leftie loosie the bow about 4 turns.

Sat 21st May 2022

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

Know your violin

  • Draw lines between the words and the parts of the violin.
  • Sing Scroll, Shoulders, Strings and Bridge – I’m afraid I wasn’t able to find the backing track online for this but I’ll try and send one over tomorrow or Monday!

Look at the open string notes on p1 of Fiddle Time Joggers (below) and learn what the open string notes look like.


Bow Down, O Belinda

  • Talk through the notes on the lines with the smiley star.
  • Resting your right thumb on the corner of the fingerboard, pluck the strings – remember to do it twice, as there’s a repeat sign at the end!

Under Arrest

  • Count to 4 before you start.
  • Count the notes as you pluck them “1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 rest”.

New words to learn: “pizzicato” which means plucking. “Arco” means to play with the bow.

Book to buy: Fiddle Time Joggers. You can find it on Amazon, new or 2nd hand.

Backing tracks are on the enclosed CD or online here.

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