5 steps to a music-filled Christmas

By Lucia · 2 min read

Nothing makes me feel more Christmassy than festive music! But it’s easy to get so caught up in the mayhem of preparing for the big day that we forget to stop and really listen to it. So here are 5 tips to make sure you squeeze as many seasonal sounds into your December as possible!

Switch on the radio

One unexpected boon of having noisy building work going on next door at the moment is that I’ve had Classic FM on almost constantly! It may seem old-fashioned, but I really do love having someone else choose the playlist for me. I also love discovering new pieces I’ve not heard of before, or being reminded of pieces I had forgotten about. I appreciate Alexa may tick this box for my more tech-savvy readers… but however you do it, make sure Christmas music is the soundtrack to your December!

Go to concerts

The arts sector needs bums on seats now more than ever – and I think you’ll find you need it just as badly! Nothing compares to the uninterrupted bliss of sitting in an audience with nothing else to do but let the live music sweep over you. So get online and find a Messiah, carol concert or festive orchestra concert near you. And if someone organised asks you what you want for Christmas early in the Christmas season, why not request some money or theatre vouchers to put towards a ticket or two?


If you play an instrument, no matter what level, there’s a book of Christmas tunes out there for you! Fiddle Time Christmas is a constant companion of mine at this time of year, and my piano will soon be adorned with various seasonal books including the Muppet Christmas Carol and Carols for Choirs. Bonus points if you can find some festive duets to play with other members of your household too!

Exercise your lungs

Singing is well-known to release endorphins, a hormone which makes us happy – the perfect way to make up for the cold temperatures and early sunsets we have to endure at this time of year! If you’re listening to Christmas music at home or in the car, sing along at the top of your voice and blow away those cobwebs! Find out if there are any plans for outdoor carol singing near you (wrap up warm!) or organise a get-together yourself. Go to local church services and sing along with the Christmas hymns or research sing-alongs in your local pubs.

Decorate with music

We always have a pile of our favourite festive sheet music, CDs and DVDs under the tree. This way we can grab a handful of discs on our way out to listen to on long (or short!) car journeys, and all our music books are on-hand ready for an impromptu sing-along or jam session!

Have I missed anything? Get in touch and let me know how music enhances your Christmas celebrations each year!

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