Welcome to EcoNotes

By Lucia · 1 minute read  

I have always liked projects. As a toddler I looked after an imaginary donkey called William. I then opened a library in my bedroom for my dolls. Next I planned to turn our house into a care home (despite there already being one over the road). I wrote childrens’ books and sent them to publishers, then turned my hand to running a society where my friends and I thought up inventions to help the disabled – all before leaving primary school!  

Somewhere amongst all these side hustles, I managed to find a bit of time for some violin practice and now you’ll find me living in East London, circa ten years into a career as a freelance classical musician. Don’t worry, I’m not about to give this up! But ideas for projects still keep buzzing in and out of my head and there’s one which just won’t leave me alone. In recent years I have become increasingly intrigued by the plastic-free zero-wasters of this world and have found so much fulfillment and enjoyment as I start to explore this way of life. Despite living the sometimes nomadic, often high-paced lifestyle of a musician, I have had great fun finding ways to live a more sustainable life with less waste, more creativity and more respect for the skills and traditions of yesteryear.  

With EcoNotes I hope to share some of the joy I have found in living a simpler, less wasteful life and hope to inspire some of you to join me on this journey. We only have one very old, incredible planet – let’s look after it so that it can look after us! 

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