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I am Lucia D’Avanzo-Lewis, a London-based musician passionate about low-waste living.

I began violin lessons at school when I was 5. Music wasn’t in short supply at home: from my Mum playing violin as a hobby to my older siblings learning piano, I had plenty to inspire me. I continued violin and piano lessons throughout school and went on to study violin at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and then the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Now I am incredibly fortunate to be able to perform for a living, both in orchestras and small groups. When I’m not playing I love imparting the wonderful things I have learnt along the way to my students.

Aside from my musical endeavours, I am becoming increasingly interested in simplifying my lifestyle to be kinder to the planet. It all started with several books and television programmes:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin introduced the idea of reassessing my everyday habits to make sure I wasn’t just settling for things the way they were. Although I wasn’t focused on low-waste living at the time, the mindset this book encouraged has helped me on this journey.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo encouraged me to start paring down my possessions. Although I was never a shopaholic, assessing what I already owned really opened my eyes to the unnecessary shopping I had done in the past and encouraged me to only buy things when absolutely necessary – I didn’t want to have to go through the process again if I could help it…!

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series was the last nudge to send me down the eco rabbit hole. I began researching how to cut down my plastic use and reading about people like Bea Johnson whose book Zero Waste Home is a must-read for any low-waste wannabes.

I have loved researching alternatives to everyday products and the renewed creativity it has encouraged. I was always crafty as a child, inspired by my mechanic Dad who can fix or make pretty much anything if he puts his mind to it.

We all need to change if we want our planet to remain a human-friendly environment. But it is a journey we must travel intentionally and slowly, or the lifestyle will be a fad that we tire of. I don’t claim to live a zero waste lifestyle or be anywhere near perfect, but I hope that some of my ramblings here might inspire a few more people to reassess their daily habits to live a little lighter on this planet.

Anne Marie Bonneau, the Zero-Waste Chef
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