Welcome to your lesson notes page Bella!

Wed 18th May 2022


  • Sing this through first with letter names and then with finger numbers.
  • If this sounds a bit scratchy, use a lighter faster bow.
  • Use double the length of bow for your minims.

Wed 11th May 2022

Keep practising Cattle Ranch Blues and work on playing it all the way through.

Read and fill in the G String Notes page, then talk through the notes of Dinosaurs on the next page, first with note names and second with finger numbers. Remember not to write on the ppieces page!

Wed 4th May 2022

Cattle Ranch Blues

  • Before you start, remind yourself there are no open Gs on the first line!
  • We looked at the whole piece today, so you can practice the whole piece! Try to count to 4 before you start, and keep looking at the music as you play so you know what’s coming next.

Wed 27th Apr 2022

Cattle Ranch Blues

  • We learnt the first line. Don’t forget the two As in bars 2 and 4!
  • Learn the rest of the piece by naming the notes before trying each bar separately.

Wed 20th Apr 2022

Listen to the Rhythm

  • Keep your right elbow up nice and high for the first 2 lines.
  • For bars 11-14, think “1234123412ABC”.
  • Great work on this! Next week we’ll work on linking the sections by counting the rests.

Cattle Ranch Blues

  • Talk through the notes of each line before trying each one.
  • When you’re happy with each line, put it all together!!

Sat 26th Mar 2022

Listen to the Rhythm

  • Count 4 beats on all the semibreves, especially in bars 8 and 10, 18 and 20.
  • Use some bow circles in bars 14 and 24 to help you get ready for the next bar.

Look carefully at the 3rd and 4th finger notes page and learn the letter names for things like G1, G2, G3 etc before looking at the first few bars of Cattle Ranch Blues for next lesson.

Thu 17th Mar 2022

Listen to the Rhythm

  • Practice this with a metronome set to crotchet = 110. My metronome app is called Pro Metronome if you need a recommendation!
  • Practice getting from section to section in time – counting “2,3,4” in the rests will help.
  • Try to keep the last note as short as all the other crotchets.

Start looking at the next piece in the book.

Wed 9th Mar 2022

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

Shortnin’ Bread

  • See if you can manage the pizzicato with your index finger – rest your thumb on the corner of your fingerboard for stability.
  • Try this a little faster now, especially the quavers near the end of lines 2 and 3.

Listen to the rhythm

  • Great job on the first two lines of this Bella!
  • See if you can learn the rest of the piece this week too.
  • You might even like to sing it before you play it!
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