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Fri 25th Sep 2020

A minor warm-up – Scale and arpeggio in 4th position. When descending in the scale, anticipate string crossings with left elbow swing. Try the arpeggio a little slower to really centre the tuning.

Schumann Romance op. 94

  • Be brave with the harmonics – they are higher than you think! They are 4th position, but the light finger pressure means you’ll need to aim a little higher.
  • Listen for smooth bowing in the shifts and make the first note in the new position as beautiful as t would have been without the shift.
  • Add more drama in sfps and sforzandos with bow speed.
  • Watch the YouTube video for ideas on more bow changes.

Mon 7th Sep 2020

A minor warm-up – Scale and arpeggio in 4th position. Keep the 3rd low, especially in the arpeggio as this is the only note which makes it minor!

Schumann Romance op. 94

  • Start by playing the first 3 notes strongly
  • Keep the tempo quite slow to make sure you centre the notes well – within this, use free bowing for now. Whenever you discover a brilliant bowing, write it in! You’ll often find the 2nd quaver to be a good changing place.
  • Look through to find every place you have a harmonic and play each one as an exercise, just with one or two notes either side, very slowly and listening for a ringing tone.

Wed 31st Jan 2018

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

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