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Fri 17th Sep 2021

Bow hold – Put the tip of your little finger on the face of the octagon just towards you, and make sure your middle two fingers are opposite your thumb.

Water Music

  • We learnt about time signatures. What does the top number tell you? What does the bottom number tell you?
  • Practice the 2nd half more to work on any places you hesitate or slow down.
  • Can you tell me all about dynamics next lesson?
  • How many dynamics can you show in this piece?

Fri 10th Sep 2021

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

Great job tuning your violin today! We’ll practice this skill every lesson and it’ll get easier each time.

Remember to check your bow is tight enough with your little finger between the wood and the hair.

Finale from the “Water Music”

Well done with your 4th fingers in this! Here are 3 things for you to focus on this week, in this piece and any others you decide to play:

  • One thing to listen out for: is your bow angle right? If you touch any next-door strings or the side of the violin lift or lower your right elbow.
  • One thing for your left hand : is your left wrist down? Try to keep it low and relaxed.
  • One thing for your right hand: Try to build up your new bow hold like we did in the lesson:
    • Hold the middle of the bow with your left hand
    • Make a rabbit shadow puppet with your right hand
    • Put the very tip of your your thumb on the wood between the lapping and the frog
    • Fold your middle fingers over the bow, like the rabbit’s teeth
    • Tap your little finger on its tip
    • Wrap your index finger around the stick
    • Check your thumb and little finger are still curved and on their tips
    • Press a little with your little finger and take the weight of the bow with it: now you can let go with your left hand! 😄
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