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Tue 22nd Sep 2020

Notes from our chat at the start of your lesson:

  • I’ll send an email tomorrow with some exercises to help a couple of technical things, some sight reading and aural links.
  • If you decide to postpone Grade 5, start looking at some other pieces from the book to keep things fresh.
  • We’ll have a random scale test next lesson!

Just a reminder (as it’s great when you remember!) to keep that left wrist down!

Chanson Triste

  • Scroll down to check last week’s notes;
  • Most bars start with a down bow, so stay aware of this to check you’re slurring everything correctly;
  • Think about how you can use your bow to help enhance the dynamics, e.g. tilted and over the fingerboard at the start, and boosting crescendos in places like b.7;
  • Also use your bow to help keep the melody flowing, as focusing on vibrato can slow things down a bit.

Tue 15th Sep 2020

Left wrist was looking good today – keep thinking about that this week too!

Keep a note of any scales you’d like help with.

Chanson Triste

  • You can hear an old recording of a violinist from the big vibrato era here. Try to keep a constant sweet vibrato going if you can.
  • Watch out for the rhythm from 33 – maybe try with a metronome to make sure the minims are lasting long enough.

Tue 8th Sep 2020

September technical focus: relaxing your left wrist so it hangs straight. Keep an eye on this in a mirror if possible.


A minor shifts – make sure you know how far you are shifting by working out the spacing between your destination note and the note that finger was on in the previous position. At the top of the scale, bring your left elbow around to help keep fingers as curved as possible. Keep your first finger down as an anchor as you change finger positions at the top.

Hay Barn Blues

  • Warm up with this scale, carefully at first but then faster so you appreciate the scale as a whole.
  • Watch out for quaver pairs – the swung feel should sound like a crotchet and quaver under a triplet bracket, as indicated in the metronome marking at the top of the piece.
  • In bar 11, tuck the C right up underneath your 3rd finger.

Have you chosen your B piece yet? If so, send it over and we can start having a look at that next lesson.

Happy practising!

Mon 30th Mar 2020

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

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