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 “What is a podcast, and how do I listen to one?” asked my Mum last week.

A few years ago I didn’t know the answer to this question either!

A podcast is a bit like a series of radio programmes presented by the same person or people (like the Chris Evans Breakfast Show or Smooth Classics at Seven). Once an episode is released, you can listen to it whenever you like, either online or by downloading it to your device to listen to later.

Last month I was invited to join my friend Davina for an episode of her podcast As It Comes*. Davina is a freelance cellist who interviews other freelance musicians, many of whom have unusual sideline projects. I was honoured to be Davina’s first in-person interviewee since the start of lockdown! We had a great conversation about freelance life, lockdown projects and low-waste living (and off-air, her hand-me-down sofa, combined double bass and cello stand made from an old bed frame and cucumber and tomato plants).

You can listen to the episode below or here (I’m episode 30!), and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in your favourite podcast app. Davina also makes transcripts of all her episodes, so if you prefer reading, click here.

Podcasts have really enriched my life over the past few years. My favourite times to listen are in the car on the way to teaching and gigs (so I currently have quite a backlog from having been at home so much), or when I’m ironing and washing up. They make chores fly by!

They say you only really start learning once you’ve finished formal education. Podcasts are a free and easy way to make that a reality!

What’s in my Podcast library?


Immersing yourself in environmental conversations is the perfect way to shift your mindset in favour of making positive choices. My current favourites are:

  • Sustainababble (two guys who work for environmental charities discussing the latest eco news)
  • Costing the Earth (from the BBC, like listening to lots of little documentaries)
  • Positively Green podcast (two “sustainable living ladies” chatting about everyday low-waste living – read an excerpt from an episode in my Why post)
  • Sustainable(ish) (a cheery, encouraging low-waste Mum in the UK)

And not strictly advertised as eco but helping to reinforce some of my eco habits:


  • As It Comes (life from a musician’s point of view – interesting for musicians and non-musicians alike!)
  • Sticky Notes (conductor and violinist Joshua Weilerstein analysing great Classical works and speaking to other eminent musicians)
  • Figuring Out How to Be At Home (an insight into what lockdown has looked like for musicians with Esther and Catriona of the Twelfth Day duo)


  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin (I hate the phrase… but you’ll pick up lots of simple yet incredible “life-hacks” from author Gretchen Rubin and her sister!)

It’s such a privilege to be able to listen in on so many great conversations!

*This phrase is used by string players, most commonly the leader of a string section, to quickly tell their troops that bow directions should just alternate up, down, up, down in a particular passage of music. But we musicians are also known to just take each day as it comes, as a musician’s life is rarely predictable!

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