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Mon 16th Nov 2020

If you feel tension in your left hand, try this harmonic exercise:


  • For E major one octave, use your 4th fingers instead of open strings so it’s very similar to the other two keys.
  • Use 4th fingers on all strings for the B flat major scale – this will help when we try D major starting in 3rd position in future.
  • For now, stick to your fingering for the D keys. Use this exercise before you play, remembering to move from the elbow so that your whole hand (including the thumb!) shifts as a unit:
  • In the chromatic scale, think about G# being lower than your usual 4th finger position.

Scarborough Fair

  • For the opening p, bow closer the the fingerboard and with the wood of the bow tilted slightly away from you.
  • Careful not to hold 13 and 17 too long!
  • You could try the last note of 16 tucked into another down bow so you don’t need a retake in 18.
  • Practice 37 using this exercise:

Sea Shanty

  • Play F major 1 8ve in 2nd position to warm up.

Wed 17th Jul 2019

Your first lesson with me! 😄🎻

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